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  • bob craven replied to the topic 'Bike Magazines in the UK' in the forum.
    If you look on the websites you will find the circulation figures for all magazines and that may help you decide. Sports bikes and custom cruisers will be a funny mix. To my mind the American continent leads itself to custom bikers who want the rugged open roads etc. but also there is a burgeoning market for Adventure bikes. Both these types of machines are making sales headway as opposed to sports. Also to take into account is that the Americas is well known for long straights and few bends of note. Therefore sports bikers will not like them at all unless you can find some hilly winding roads like those in Europe or add some spice say in track days on the journey. Then you will get them in their droves. Hope this helps.
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  • Steve replied to the topic 'Bike Magazines in the UK' in the forum.
    Personally, I've not looked at a bike mag for over two years. They all say pretty much the same shit and are all heavily biased towards one brand or another. Even Practical Sportsbike has become an advert for Honda and Ducati with little genuine regard for anything else.
    Read More... 7 days ago
  • Sheldon created a new topic ' Bike Magazines in the UK' in the forum.
    Hi I'm looking for some feedback on the most viewed magazines in the UK. I want to do some advertising and can't decide which one to use. I can't afford to use them all. Keep in mind it is for a Bike Touring Business in Canada and we're using Harley and Indian Motorcycles. Sport Bikes are in our future plans but not available just yet. Any feedback would be welcome. The magazines I'm looking at are BIKE Magazine......American V Magazine.........and the MCN Newsletter and there website. Is there any others I should be considering?
    Read More... 8 days ago
  • Sheldon replied to the topic 'Hi from Canada' in the forum.
    OPPs sorry. I should have posted in the new member area. My bad!
    Read More... 9 days ago
  • Sheldon created a new topic ' Hi from Canada' in the forum.
    Hi I'm from Canada and here to help if anyone has any questions about biking in Canada or the Northern States of the USA. I have on my bucket list to ride the UK on two wheels. I ride an HD 07 Ultra and a HD 93 Dyna Wide Glide. [attachment] [attachment]
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  • JeFF created a new topic ' Mellow ride above Santa Barbara Ca. USA' in the forum.
    We shot this video a few weeks back on a ride to Cold Spring.. Great Buffalo Burgers by the way must stop and try one sometime... After that we booked over to E Camino Cielo and rode across the mountain top high above Santa Barbara Ca. Here are a few clips of the ride i through together for ya all Jdog B)
    Read More... 13 days ago
  • bob craven created a new topic ' petition' in the forum.
    HM Government AccessibilityHome Search published e-petitions e-petition road resurfacing with surface dressing Responsible department: Department for Transport A cheap but dangerous form of road re surfacing comes in the form of surface dressing which is tar sprayed onto a poor surface and then over dressed with chippings. It is not rolled in but left with lose chippings for months. Any that are not stuck down can lay in clusters and as such cannot be seen as they are the same grey colour . This is fastest form of surfacing but it appears to be the cheapest but most expedient. However due to the lose chippings not rolled in it is definitely the most dangerous surface for any and all two wheeled vehicles, scooters, motorcycles and now including bicycl Riding on it can only be likened to riding on marbles or ice or indeed diesel. If that is not done then as an alternative perhaps the local authorities could be instructed and recommendations made with safeguards that all such temporary surfaces should be rolled to secure the surface and then it should be thoroughly swept to remove all traces of lose and dangerous chippings Sign this petition Not received your confirmation email? Number of signatures: 3 Created by: Robert Craven Closing: 03/04/2015 11:34 Share: Twitter Linkedin Facebook
    Read More... 14 days ago
  • Steve replied to the topic 'Yamaha out Kawasaki in' in the forum.
    I'll let you off as it isn't a Honda or Suzuki ;) And drop me a PM or give me a buzz will ya?
    Read More... 15 days ago
  • Judge James created a new topic ' Yamaha out Kawasaki in' in the forum.
    Ohhhh nooooo what have i done :pinch: :pinch:
    Read More... 16 days ago
  • Tyres 4 Bikes replied to the topic 'Anyone fancy some cheap deals???' in the forum.
    Quote: How much? :o I picked up a pair of lightly scrubbed V2's for £60 a few weeks ago. Good for you.
    Read More... 24 days ago
  • friends bob craven and Kalum are now friends
  • Kalum, bob craven replied to the topic 'Safety first, every time right?' in the forum.
    Well, I was heading back from college earlier today having a bit of a play on some quiet roads. I came to a tight corner taking it at a little speed and heard something scrape. To my surprise after checking my exhaust, it was my bloody toeslider! I wasn't even hanging off the bike much or trying to lean it (I though). Last time I ever even contemplate touching the bike without boots on. The sparks looked cool according to the bike behind me though :P
    Read More... 24 days ago


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