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  • jack created a new topic ' Motorcycle Single Dating' in the forum. site is undoubtedly amongst the largest platforms for biker singles hailing from different parts of the globe. It is tailored to meet the unique requirements of bikers, thereby encouraging them to connect with each other and establish a relationship.
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  • friends Max and mark griffiths are now friends
  • scott smith created a new topic ' Hello!!!! newbie :)' in the forum.
    Hello im scott from cheshire im 28 & a newbie to the world of bikes, hopefully buying my first bike in a couple of days a honda cbr 125, my plan is to use this so i can get experience on a bike build my confidence riding so i can eventually past my test :)
    Read More... 12 days ago
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    groups.discussion 12 days ago
  • We have Indian Pakistani Escorts Service Agency In dubai (UAE).we provide desi sexy call girls in dubai in cheap

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    profile 12 days ago
  • qiqamante created a new topic ' Affordable Kitchens Bedford' in the forum.
    Affordable Kitchens Bedford. Thirty Ex Display Kitchens To Clear. £ 595 Each with appliances.Tel 01616-694785
    Read More... 13 days ago
  • Lorraine replied to the topic 'Bikes for short ladies' in the forum.
    For DAS we use a lowered SV650 - this suits all of our 'vertically challenged' clients - some of whom are under 5ft :) (Gladius is the same frame) A2 - ER500 - but go for the A series - the C series come in slightly taller :)
    Read More... 19 days ago
  • gary mccabe created a new topic ' hey there!!' in the forum.
    Hiope there! I'm Gary 28 engaged with 2 kids 3 dogs 30 leopard geckos 2 fish tanks a cat and 3 snakes... More importantly I am a proud owner of the old skill zxr 750 h2! If I had pictures I would put them up. It is dark Subaru blue. Has the single seated Ducati rear end with the newer ninja front fairing with the single headlight. Hope to meet some of you very soon Gary
    Read More... 24 days ago
  • jack created a new topic ' Motorcycle Dating Site' in the forum.
    Motorcycle dating sites is one of the leading dating platforms for bike – enthusiasts and others who love riding. It gives them a perfect stage to get in touch with like – minded people and make friends besides looking out for companions. Furthermore, it isn't mandatory for a user to have a bike in order to join the site.
    Read More... 24 days ago
  • Brian Fitton replied to the topic 'Daytona 650 heating problem' in the forum.
    Since topping up the coolant level have you checked it again since . If the level is ok but you are still getting an overheating problem I would suggest checking the water pump because that circulates the coolant round the engine. Good luck.
    Read More... 25 days ago
  • Gaz Deason replied to the topic 'Daytona 650 heating problem' in the forum.
    Oh and the fan comes on at exactly 103 c
    Read More... 26 days ago
  • Gaz Deason created a new topic ' Daytona 650 heating problem' in the forum.
    Right bear with me I am a noobs. On a short ride I noticed my my temp light came on and was showing 120 c. I stopped and let it cool down. I heard a strange noise and opened up the back seat to which I saw my coolant bubbling so I took the lid of and it was what looked like boiling!!!. I was told that it may be because there was air trapped in the piping so I let in run a bit with the coolant cap off. When I looked after it had cooled the coolant was completely empty with no leaks so I filled it up and waited overnight to see if there was a leak. There wasn't. One if I start her up she quickly gets to about 110 c and when I ride it she cools down to about 90 c, but traffic and stationary she will creep back up. She was serviced a couple of days ago and passed mot 2 days ago. I also understand that triumphs generally run at higher temps. I'm worried as I don't want to blow anything. I'm not very technically minded, please suggestions?.
    Read More... 26 days ago
  • bob craven created a new topic ' Helibikes read it.' in the forum.
    just what the label says. read Its full of useful information. Set up by bikers who fly in the Air Ambulances. There experience of attending motorcycle accidents and insights into causes etc are incredible and worth reading. It will take some time to get through the info they have to impart but I strongly suggest that you read it all. You will be better bikers for it. Much better in places than the police Riders Manual.
    Read More... 29 days ago


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