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  • Laura replied to the topic 'Hey :)' in the forum.
    Julalevar : Glad to meet you too! I'm so jealous that you have a malamute. I'd like to get one eventually, once I have an established routine, job, etc. I wouldn't risk getting one now in case my circumstances suddenly changed and I would be unable to care for it. That would destroy me. You have a lovely dog though; lovely photo! How old? I do not have a bike yet, no. I am currently in the middle of saving up to do my CBT, etc. Congratulations on getting your CBT done though, I'm also jealous of that, lol! What gear and bike you getting yourself? :) Stevi : I'm a huge fan of the older stuff to be honest. I love 1950s and old bluegrass, country and blues. The more heavier metal and rock I usually listen to when I'm in a specific mood for it. Skynyrd were amazing live - seen them twice in 2013. Caught a pick and a drumstick as well which made my year! Just need to try and meet them all in person now. A girl can dream! I can understand putting aside the partying. I would too if I were to have children. I plan to one day, but definitely not until everything is stable emotionally and financially. I like things to be simple, lol. Where did you study? Was it a degree? I'm working towards my own degree at the moment with the OU. It's been great so far! What bike do you own now? I can't remember if you told me already. I am very forgetful, lol. It turns out I got the job from the interview today and I start in the morning. Now that I am in full time work with a steady income, my eyes are set firmly on being on the road by Xmas. :) Yay!
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  • Stevi, Jules replied to the topic 'Hey :)' in the forum.
    You mentioned four bands there that I've heard of! 8 ) That BSA is very cute. Being a 60/70s kid, I grew up with some great music. Love 'Skynard to Seasick Steve. Started to feel 'old' when Grunge hit the scene, hence me knowing only four of your list. My Son was born in 1989, then two Daughters, '93 and '97. Kinda put partying and music to one side for a few years. Studied Bio-Chemistry and tried to behave myself. Didn't have a bike 'on the road' for 4 years! Now they're all grown into great, young people. I'm very lucky and grateful for that. How time flies! Which is why I think you should get on the road asap, if that's what you really want.
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  • Mr Handsome!
    • Mr Handsome!
    photos 1 day ago
  • Me and my first baby :p
    • Me and my first baby :p
    photos 1 day ago
  • Jules replied to the topic 'Safety rules against keeping bike in livingroom??' in the forum.
    I live in a one floor small flat. The kitchen and living room is one room, it's quite spacious so I could move around it with ease but I would only put it inside when I wasn't in other wise it would be a bit cramped. I guess I could bring it in at night. Just worried about the area I live in and someone nicking it lol
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  • Laura replied to the topic 'Hey :)' in the forum.
    I've always had my eyes on something shiny ;) I like a lot of the older British bikes: BSAs, Triumph, etc. But I also like Honda (especially the Rebel), Yamaha (Dragstar), and Harley (Fat boy). I think I'd personally start off with a Dragstar 125cc, then go up from there.. Maybe try and get myself a H-D or BSA Howlin' Wolf. :) The Howlin Wolf is my favourite of all time. I've attached photos. I write mostly fiction, namely western and science fiction. I also like to write horror and psychological thrillers at times too. I'm currently working on a non-fiction piece though. I'm ghost-writing for a soldier who was in Afghanistan and is now part of a local MC. He's had a very colourful life and I want to help him get closure with certain parts of it. I draw cartoon and anime mostly. I dabble with real life sketches of wolves now and again, but mostly just cartoony stuff. I haven't drawn anything in a while. Last thing I drew was a Harley Quinn - Deadpool (comic books) collaboration. :) My favourite band of all time is Lynyrd Skynyrd. My music taste is completely open. I like everything from rock and metal, to country and blues. I like 1950s music. I also like some modern music. I have seen the following in concert: Bobby Vee, The Vees, Little Eva, Johnny Tillotson, Brian Hyland, Freddy Cannon, Ozzy Osbourne, Disturbed, Shinedown, Takida, Murderdolls, Steel Panther, Skindred, Korn, Fozzy, Seether, Red White and Blues, Lynyrd Skynyrd. I guess the list above gives you a good idea of my tastes? I guess it's no wonder my nickname is 'freebird', lol. I'm a cowgirl in the wrong country or so I'm told. What about you, mr. policeman? :) :P Lol.
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  • Brian Fitton replied to the topic 'So .... What have you done on your bike today?' in the forum.
    Just returned from a tour of mainly the Eifel region of Germany. Stayed at Motorcamping Little Creek which is a dedicated Biker campsite and I can't recommend it enough. The roads are brilliant ,light on traffic and mainly police free :cheer: We visited the Nurburgring (50 miles away) Luxembourg (12 miles) great roads and best of all inexpensive! [attachment] [attachment] [attachment]
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  • Stevi replied to the topic '80% of HGV break 40 mph speed so law is changing' in the forum.
    Seems to make sense to me Mr. Dredd. Good for Scotland and it's commercial vehicular activity. As long as the 'Knights of the Road' stick to the inside lane and give us room to get passed, I'm happy with a bit more chaos. 8 )
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  • bob craven created a new topic ' 80% of HGV break 40 mph speed so law is changing' in the forum.
    Isnt that good. because 80% of Hgv's that's commercial goods vehicles over 7 and half ton in weight. regularly exceed their vehicle speed limit of 40 mph on single carriageway roads this government propose or have already decided to increase the speed limit to that of other vehicles such as coaches and cars with trailers or caravans to 50 mph on A and B class roads. That may I suppose also include any and all single carriageway roads anywhere in the country subject to a 50 or 60 mph speed limit. where the speed limit on the road is say 30 or 40 mph they will have to conform to that limit as we all should. So HGV's are to be allowed to travel 10 miles per hour faster on our roads and soon , there is a consultation taking place at this moment to increase the speed of HGV's on dual carriageways to 60 mph again in line with other slower moving vehicles. vehicles with trailers and caravans and vans and coaches. As yet there is no indication that the fixed speed of 56 mph on motorways will be allowed to increase. They have anticipated that this would result in several more incident incurring damage and injury on our roads and also has a figure of a number of more persons killed. Ah well there is a cost to everything. What is unbelievable is that they are doing this, or so they say, so that legally driving HGV's can compete with those who flout the law and gain a financial or commercial advantage. Also in a questionnaire some 78 persons asked said that they dont believe that the speed limit should be increased but 77 other persons agreed that it was a good idea. Why did the lower numbers in the yes brigade win when one down Simple.... some of those that said yes represent trade unions or other organisations within the commercial driving community , one represented 16000 workers and so because more persons represented said yes the vote wins. 87 to over 16000 .Its all in the discussion paper. You just wouldn't believe it. More is the point is that on of its greatest supporter is the Scottish government and as they have few motorway miles and greater distances on A and B roads than most counties then I believe e that that is why these changes are being made, in order to assist the commercial growth and development of Scotland.
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  • Done it with, pretty much all me bikes! If you have to, just be careful. Petrol-caps 'breath' and the fumes (the explosive bit) are heavier than air so it will sink to the floor. Could be a problem if you place the bike in a confined space where the fumes can 'pool'. Hallway should be fine, better with some ventilation and away from naked flames.
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  • Jules, bob craven replied to the topic 'Complete newbie going for CBT soon - Hi! :)' in the forum.
    Hey Thanks for all the advice dredd :) Much appreciated! Not sure I have a lot of charm haha! I'm really excited about the CBT, hope I manage :) I will do as I'm told :p lol! Any more advice? What to watch out for or what is common when learning?
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  • Stevi, Laura replied to the topic 'Hey :)' in the forum.
    What sort of ride you fancy? What sort of stuff you gonna write about? What sort of drawing dya do? Music? History? Do I sound like a policeman?
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  • Jules, Stevi replied to the topic 'Deaf bikers?' in the forum.
    BSL = British Sign Language :)
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  • Laura created a new topic ' Hey :)' in the forum.
    Hey. I've never been too good with ice breakers, so here goes: I'll put the same as I did with my profile for now - but feel free to ask questions and make conversations! :D That's why I'm here: to make friends! B) My name is Laura, and I live in Margate. It's not the best, or the worst, place to live - but I am a country girl at heart and would love to move. I'm a 'Freebird'. English Cowgirl. Nature lover. I am currently a hope-to-be author, studying a BA in English Literature, Creative Writing and History. In life there are a few things that I simply cannot live without. To go to a coffeehouse and read a good book is a past-time worth dying for. My passions are probably a lot like yours, except maybe a bit more 'tweaked' and precise. Photography, music and body modifications (I have tattoos & piercings) fall into this category. As does gaming, drawing and writing. I am a comic book nerd, an Xbox geek, and I watch documentaries way too much. I am also a vegetarian, though I have no problems with meat-eaters. :) In fact, I am likely to cook the most amazing meat dishes for friends. I love to cook anything. :) So one day I might cook for you - if you're lucky! To awaken to the sound of the rain against the window is one of my favorite things - along with watching thunderstorms, walks along the seafront looking at a stars, walks in the countryside, picnics in the woods, trips to the zoos, seeing a good band in concert, and watching a good movie with pizza and 7up (Jack Daniels doesn't hurt from time-to-time either!). Some of these may seem trivial, but its these little things which make life worth it. My favourite motorbikes are BSA, Triumph, Harley and the Indian Chief. I also don't mind Yamaha's - as long as there's a lot of chrome! :) I am a friendly person to talk to, and have interests that span over a variety of different areas. I am likely to surprise you with all my different interests, and I love a good conversation. Just say hey and let's go from there, shall we?
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  • uploaded a new avatar
    profile 4 days ago
  • Jules created a new topic ' Yamaha YBR 125 Custom - What do you think?' in the forum.
    Thinking about this for a first bike... Thoughts?
    Read More... 6 days ago


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