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  • bob craven replied to the topic 'Hows about a meet' in the forum.
    Come on guys where is you sense of adventure. Left it at home. Itl be a good day out no matter where you come from and you don't have to meet up on the way just get there in the afternoon and join us there. The more the merrier. So put your thumbs up even if you are just considering going. Weather permitting of course. bring a mate or not, ride by yourself.
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  • bob craven replied to the topic 'Ride position' in the forum.
    Thank you for the comments and support . In my first paragraph/sentence i do say that i follow the vanishing point and slow down on the bend when it comes closer. I am surprised that no one pulled me up on that one as we are not supposed to overload the front tyre grip when laid over by braking. That when we do brake on a corner or bend we are likely to stand up the bike and run straight on into the path of oncoming vehicles on left handed bends. As we head over to the wrong side of the road we are usually looking at a fixed object that we want to avoid and end up hitting it just because we are looking at it. Something called fixation in that we go where we look. To avoid that, one could say that is best to close ones eyes so we dont hit anything that we dont want to hit but that would be ridiculous just look at the softest option say throwing into a hedge as opposed to hitting some rigid street furniture. About the braking the recommendation is to do all the braking de acceleration and slowing prior to the turning point before a bend and to be in the correct travelling position with an open throttle so we need not slow on the bend. Sometimes dropping a gear or two is recommended so that the stability, balance, centrifugal forces and performance of the bike will help. Too high a gear and too slow a speed may end up stalling the bike causing the need to change down whilst in the bend or at least fighting with the handling and poor acceleration after the bend. Thats good advice but sometimes we go in two fast or the bend tightens up and we need to lose speed. Whatever you do do not actuate the front brake. that is a big NO NO as you are likely to de stabilize the bike and be thrown off. best to gently de accelerate and if needs be very gentle use of the back brake will slow you sufficiently enough to carry you round. Next time do it right and slow sufficiently so you dont have to use this get out and with an open throttle and correct gear it should be plain sailing Some would argue about using countersteering and pushing the handlebar closest to the ground and corner forward or down to gain a greater degree of tilt but tyres will only go over so far before they run out of contact tread and if you are already at the limit of the tyre and nothing left of what is called the chicken strip then you have wasted time and tarmac. Best to take any bend slower than being in that situation . Pop onto a large enough car park and do some cornering at relative speeds and practise practise practise turns with different speeds, sharpness of bends, gears, braking etc and with experience you will enjoy bends better and safer.
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  • events lukaspodolski added a new event, Wedding Jewellery
  • events lukaspodolski added a new event, Movers And Packers
  • BuzzCap7 replied to the topic 'Ride position' in the forum.
    Excellent! Excellent! Excellent! I wish there were more bikers like u out there!! BuzzCap7
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  • BuzzCap7 thanks user 'judge dredd' in the forum message ' Ride position'.
    kunena.thankyou 3 days ago
  • BuzzCap7 replied to the topic 'Safety first, every time right?' in the forum.
    I agree with you 100%. U can break ur ankle just as easy o na small bike as a big bike. BuzzCap7
    Read More... 3 days ago
  • zolahayio created a new topic ' Cheap Kitchen Leeds' in the forum.
    Cheap Kitchen Leeds. Thirty Ex Display Kitchens To Clear. £ 595 Each with appliances.Tel 01616-694785
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  • Judge James created a new topic ' First Trip on Me Honda' in the forum.
    So me and Darth Gaffer went for a few days at Low Wrays Windermere Camping followed by a A Monday Morning ride to Cadwell for the BSB. [attachment] Was surprised how easy the bike was fully loaded rode lovely all the way up to windermere.
    Read More... 4 days ago
  • bob craven replied to the topic 'OHHHH NO DON'T READ THIS PLEASE' in the forum.
    A lot of people diss Hondas as being boring.... but they are a field leader when it comes to new innovations ect. I have probably one of the weirdest and scarcists Hondas ever mad. A Honda Pacific Coast 800cc V twin. fully enclosed. designed by the Honda CAR team for the USA market for HONDA car owners to use to pop down to the shops and pick up a six pack. Sold 1989 to 1992 then not for two years and then from 1995 to 1999 less than 10.000 made. But I like it. Its got self cancelling indicators. the USA version has Hazard warning lights. some come with built in radio. they are fully enclosed and have fully intigrated rear panniers under the lift up rear seat. With a top speed about 110 it was built as a medium tourer and will cover motorway mileage in the outside lane easily. Its really comfortable, arguably one of the most comfortable bikes out there. As said its full enclosed and just needs washing like a car and no chrome.... a great idea. Its low with a very low seat height which helps when slow and perfectly balanced when at speed. I believer that there are less than 100 in the country. They have a following in the USA and Belgium and France. A grey Import.
    Read More... 9 days ago
  • Brian Fitton, Max replied to the topic 'OHHHH NO DON'T READ THIS PLEASE' in the forum.
    Looks in nice order :) :)
    Read More... 11 days ago
  • Judge James replied to the topic 'Safety first, every time right?' in the forum.
    I agree that way I put on my Titanium sliders every time I go out..... Love those sparks as my knee hits the deck....
    Read More... 11 days ago
  • Judge James replied to the topic 'Hey :)' in the forum.
    I would just like to say hello
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  • Judge James replied to the topic 'Just joined' in the forum. 11 days ago
  • Judge James created a new topic ' OHHHH NO DON'T READ THIS PLEASE' in the forum.
    I only went and did it..... :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: [attachment] :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:
    Read More... 11 days ago


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