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  • Brian Fitton, Max replied to the topic 'OHHHH NO DON'T READ THIS PLEASE' in the forum.
    Looks in nice order :) :)
    Read More... 12 hours ago
  • Judge James replied to the topic 'Safety first, every time right?' in the forum.
    I agree that way I put on my Titanium sliders every time I go out..... Love those sparks as my knee hits the deck....
    Read More... 22 hours ago
  • Judge James replied to the topic 'Hey :)' in the forum.
    I would just like to say hello
    Read More... 22 hours ago
  • Judge James replied to the topic 'Just joined' in the forum. 22 hours ago
  • Judge James created a new topic ' OHHHH NO DON'T READ THIS PLEASE' in the forum.
    I only went and did it..... :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: [attachment] :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle: :whistle:
    Read More... 23 hours ago
  • bob craven created a new topic ' Hows about a meet' in the forum.
    I have put this on this part of the site as it gets to more riders. Its getting late in the season and many will be taking advantage of what good days we have left. I and some of my mates are going to ride out along the A59 from Preston and into Yorkshire to visit KEN CRAVENS MOTORCYCLE MUSUEM at Stockton in the Forest just off the York ring road and east of York. We will be going there on the first Sunday in September SEPTEMBER 7TH. when it will be open. Hopefully the weather will be kind to us. We will be having some lunch locally at a garden centre 100 yards down the road and be at the museum about 2 ish. So if anyone wants a ride out and a meet up with others who share this site. put faces to names etc. put your name here, get a group up have a good ride with mates and meet others. Lets have response, give it the thumbs up. possibly some numbers. FOUR GOING FROM BLACKPOOL SO FAR.
    Read More... 5 days ago
  • Jules replied to the topic 'Hey :)' in the forum.
    yeah he's a lovely boy! He's 3 years old now :) I've just got a helmet jacket and gloves so far... need to save!!
    Read More... 6 days ago
  • Andy Stoll replied to the topic 'DID YOU KNOW.....' in the forum.
    Quote: However it talks in the singular, meaning only one and therefore presumably not more than one. So. not two horses or a group of riders, cyclists and no other vehicles at all including slow moving HGV's or cars. Caravans, trailers, sheep, cattle, steam engine, farm tractor with dangerous implements on the front or rear. etc. Strange that isn't it. Remember... ITS NOT THE SIZE THAT COUNTS... ITS WHAT YOU DO WITH IT. How can that apply to a motorcycle? British motoring law is typically written to refers to the singular (e.g., "to pass a stationary vehicle") but there is another key Act which defines how legislation should be read. It's called the Interpretation Act and amongst other things, states that: "...unless the contrary intention appears, words importing the masculine gender include the feminine, words importing the feminine gender include the masculine, words in the singular include the plural and words in the plural include the singular." Hope this demystifies!
    Read More... 8 days ago
  • BuzzCap7 replied to the topic 'Safety first, every time right?' in the forum.
    :huh: <-- Cute eh? I agree. ATGATT. A = ALL T = THE G = GEAR A = ALL T = THE T = TIME All The Gear All The Time. You can be just a DEAD or broken angle, etc.....on a 150 as u can be on nay other bike. Let's not fool ourselves. BuzzCap7
    Read More... 11 days ago
  • BuzzCap7 replied to the topic 'See a beautifull bike' in the forum.
    I agree. Linky, Linky. Linky. Oh darn it. After writing that 3 times I now have to go leaky, leaky, leaky. LOL I so funi!! BuzzCap7
    Read More... 11 days ago
  • BuzzCap7 replied to the topic 'So .... What have you done on your bike today?' in the forum.
    G'day mate, :P Did what I normally around errands. Office supply store, grocery store, picked up mail at the office, etc... That is pretty much it. Trying to ride with 1 of the several groups I ride with more often. I'd say it is a boring life but I LOVE riding and do it daily so it is not so boring. BuzzCap7
    Read More... 11 days ago
  • BuzzCap7 replied to the topic 'where is everone' in the forum.
    :( Guilty, I have been gone too long. :S BuzzCap7
    Read More... 11 days ago
  • BuzzCap7 replied to the topic 'Safety rules against keeping bike in livingroom??' in the forum.
    :P Hi Cutie Pie, I have heard of many ppl doing that. Just keep any flames away from it. Ride, ride, ride my friend. BuzzCap7
    Read More... 11 days ago
  • BuzzCap7 created a new topic ' WTF Are You Thinking!?!?!?!?!' in the forum.
    I ride 7 days a week to the tune of about 32,000 miles a year (52,000 kilometers) ALL over the USA and Canada in all kinds of weather. :woohoo: Having said that, :huh: I thought I would share how I stay as safe as possible. This please see the attached of what goes through my head that has saved my butt many times. :huh: BuzzCap7
    Read More... 11 days ago
  • B) "(...) Hayabusa is a legend. I knew the legend, studied it, and fully assimilated it. And then, within minutes, I was on the verge of taming it (...) In over thousands of miles spent together, we were able to help each other, to get out of dangerous situations and to enjoy the qualities in each of us. We both were living a dream. " My Life on the Hayabusa. 100.000 km on a motorcycle, the third novel by author Dan A. Tano, will be on the market from August 7, 2014. This is a story about friendship and fear, temptation and speed. The main character gradually discovers his passion for engines, while frequently going on motorcycle journeys with his friends. Speed and adrenaline often draw him into a dangerous whirlpool, but he manages to shirk it every time because death can lurk at every turn. A novel built on 200 horsepower, the landscapes of Romania, a continuous action and an unpredictable end. In its pages you will also find some "tips for long life" in which the author advises those who want to try motorcycling and tells them some of his more or less pleasant experiences. Author Dan A. Tano chose to write this story, on the border between reality and fiction, in memory of a biker friend, whose life was cut short too early, and because of the negative labels attributed to bikers around the world. The pages of the novel present a fresco of motorcycle life-style and what makes it special - escapism, friendship, adrenaline and, above all, respect. My life on the Hayabusa is part of a larger project of the author, who wants all riders in the world to benefit of respect in traffic and in society, and who wants people to realize that, in its one way, the motor community is unique, which is why the book is also translated in English and available on In addition, to highlight the special bond between man and motor, several riders from Romania have donated pictures of them and their motorcycles to support the project. The resulting gallery was transformed into a calendar for 2015. This project is supported by: Suzuki Romania,, Forma Boots, Biker's Club and About the Author Dan A. Tano is a motorcycle enthusiast. He lives in Bucharest and wants to turn My life on Hayabusa in a larger project that includes a tour of the world on a motorcycle. The author is at his third book, the first being Frustrari de roman (2013) and While you die ... (2014). My life on Hayabusa can be purchased from Amazon. [attachment]
    Read More... 12 days ago
  • Kalum replied to the topic 'Cadwell BSB' in the forum.
    Its bank holiday so I can't get it off work D: Any of you guys going to be at oulton this weekend?
    Read More... 12 days ago
  • Max replied to the topic 'Deaf bikers?' in the forum.
    Vance & hines for me shotgun style, loud and proud v twin Harley. = 2 hammers hitting an anvil
    Read More... 13 days ago


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